The paradise of the Maldives and its magical sea of stars

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South of India in the Indian Ocean are more than a thousand islands ruts corals and separated by beautiful lagoons, these are known as the Maldive Islands, where only some are inhabited, so the view is usually quite natural and quiet, perfect to visit on holiday or honeymoon.

Maldives island

Find cheap flights to Maldives, often find packages or promotions to get tickets cheap tickets due to high demand in tourism, you'll also find beautiful hotels cheap however need to make your reservation as soon as they fill very quickly, but also you will find beautiful luxury hotels where to stay in Maldives'll find everything.


When you get to this incredible collection of islands, you will realize that this is a resort par excellence place where you will find the best views of the blue green sea that will leave you marveling at its beauty, tranquility and peace, where you can break free from all the stress and noise of the city in one of the tourist destinations most natural and peaceful dream to visit and forget about the everyday world. In the bays of the Maldives you can sit and enjoy the view, the breeze, peace and warmth from your chair or the beautiful wooden bungalows that adorn the site.

Maldives beach

In addition, there is no better place to savor the delights of always fresh sea freshly harvested from the crystal green waters, traditional dishes like Kuli Boakiba, the Bajiyay the Garudia, are the most requested by tourists to have a complete experience of Maldives outdoor restaurant with an ocean view.

Maldives hotels

If you want to know more about this heavenly place, then you must not forget the National Maldives Museum in Sultan Park, where you can see ancient objects such as fabrics, manuscripts, costumes of royalty, anthropological remains and many more things that have marked the history of this beautiful place. Also Esjehi Art Gallery is another place to visit if you love spatially artworks.


The tomb of Mohammed, a national figure because it brought freedom to the country, is praised in its majestic tomb which is worth visiting because of its beauty from outside to inside full of gold and worth luxuries of the great sultan and hero Male population.

Sea of stars

To end your experience the Maldives, you must not miss the "sea of ​​stars" that can only be displayed at night where the sand and the sea begin to glow in blue and green tones beautiful lights that can be found mainly in Vaadhoo this is certainly a unique spectacle you can only witness in the Maldives, where you can get one of the traditional means of transport like Dhoni or in a boat that can take you from the city of Male. All this can only find here in the Maldives.

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