The most fantastic love tunnel only in Ukraine

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Rivne is a city located in Rivne Oblast northwest of Ukraine, on the banks of Oustia River is best known locally for being a city that connects several railway lines, and also has an important history during the First and Second World war being manipulated by the Nazi German military as among its population had mostly Jews.

Óblast de Rivne

Today it is a peaceful and beautiful city full of amazing architectural old buildings that is a feast for the eyes of those who visit, this also includes the buildings of beautiful hotels that will make you want to stay there for their cheap prices and prompt attention.

Óblast de Rivne Hotels

Although Rivne is a very peaceful and tranquil place to visit, also it has an exquisite European cuisine that you will enjoy every bite at various high quality restaurants that you love to visit.

Óblast de Rivne restaurant

It is certainly an ideal place for family but mainly for loving couples destination, because there is one of the most emblematic places of love internationally, it is the Tunnel of Love. Although not try more than one of the many lines rail with connecting Rivne, this is in the middle of narrow, towering and majestic walls of vegetation that simulates a large green tunnel where the effect of sunlight entering its long extension, they do see a magical place and romantic .

Tunnel of love

Many romantic couples and honeymooners visit the Tunnel of Love, so that makes it a fantastic place to visit in the honeymoon even photographers from around the world visit this place to capture this beautiful place only in Rivne is you can find naturally.

Tunnel of love Rivne

Once you have visited this emblematic place, also you should not lose you visit the Zoo d Rivne where you can not only see beautiful animals from the village, but you can also enjoy entertainment as a playground for both children and adults, surrounded a refreshing green area and where it is easy to reach by public transport, it is certainly an enriching learning experience and wonder as there live to the strangest animals you'll love to know and also feed the whole site and surroundings it is so natural that you will not feel the difference between the habitat and the zoo.

Shevchenko Park

Also Shevchenko Park is a fantastic place to visit and spend a day hike with your family or couple place as it is a huge and beautiful garden, the largest in the city where not only vegetation are collected that has grown naturally, but also true works of gardening, which is so beautiful that it is considered a national monument of Rivne, as it houses trees up to 200 years old, with varieties from north America to Japan, and its surroundings can enjoy recreation areas for the more adventurous, fun suitable for the whole family.

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