Teotihuacán: Know the city of the ancient gods of Mexico

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Teotihuacan was one of the most important and extensive pre-Hispanic cities in Mesoamerica, where lived the early civilizations of Mexico for thousands of years and that administrative, religious, military and commercial activities were carried out, so you can see great temples and buildings in forms of pyramids with gods carved into them.


Abandoned unexpectedly, Teotihuacán became an enigmatic place for settlers who arrived much later and discovered these people to see so imposing place thought that this place was a meeting place of the gods and their buildings were'll build by ancient giants, soon this place became sacred lands where men were buried to death and then became gods, was well as the name of Teotihuacán which means "place where the gods were made" was born.


Both new civilizations, as tourists visiting Teotihuacán, you can see as enigmatic stone city and so imposing and mysterious pyramids, it is impossible not to feel the presence of the ancient gods, is why more and more people come to marvel at this beautiful historic setting. Although it can be visited all year, definitely you have to come in the spring.


Spring is the most important season in Teotihuacán, people from all over the world visit these ruins the first day of spring dresses all in white, up to a huge pyramid and reach the top are arranged to perform a sacred ritual where they receive the first rays of spring sunshine filled with energy, this event usually takes place in March at the spring equinox in the archaeological area undoubtedly is the most spiritual practiced every year by people all over the world event.


You can also fly over the immense pyramids in beautiful hot air balloons rising over 300 meters, this part from San Francisco Mazapa and then performs a tour of the Teotihuacan Valley, though you must go early to appreciate a beautiful sunrise and enjoy a refreshing climate.


Do not miss the shows performed throughout your tour of the archaeological site, as dancers of ancient cultures, music, crafts, clothing, food and much more can buy them in the grape harvest there you will find, so it will be an enriching experience that you will love. So next spring, or any time of year, do not miss visiting Teotihuacán, adventure awaits you.

Enjoy the cuisine, culture and warm people of Mexico, in a dream vacation.

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