Setenil, one of the most unique towns in the province of Cádiz

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It is a municipality located northeast of Cadiz, Andalusia, near the Sierra de Grazalema and is part of the White Towns of Andalusia, by the municipality through the Guadalporcún River, which has helped create some of the municipalities of the Cadiz province with more charm and magic, thanks to its beautiful landscapes and knowledge make the most of their environment and their slopes creating a unique and magical town, you must visit if or if ...

It is a town with much charm and magic, with a stunning beauty with an original old town, with buildings around the rocky walls of the mountains, with different levels, have many cultural attractions, including Castle Setenil, La Church of Our Lady of the Incarnation many more then I am going to name ...


The main attraction of this town it is the same people, because of the beauty and originality of its urban fabric.

In which leverage their slopes and slopes from the Castle adapting to the course of the river, where your neighbors have used these slopes of the mountains to make their homes under the shelter of the rocks, where they make a beautiful unique place, magical and , which you must visit.

Setenil is one of the main towns of the routes of the White Towns, a route that you do and where you go to enjoy the beauty of their natural paradises and corners so beautiful, with a great gastronomic, cultural and artistic appeal.
It has exquisite cuisine where the palate is going to enjoy its peak, with quality food and handmade ....

I'll make your mouth water naming some of their dishes and tapas ... We started to appoint Soups cortijeras, delicious crumbs, goat cheese with quince jelly, sausage scrambled asparagus or mushrooms, sweet potatoes with honey, artisan sausages, coleslaw or of pengas, rabbit to the mountains and sweets made with olive oil and cider pasties. All Riquísimo, route for lovers of good food and where your palate will enjoy another level ...

Setenil apart from its gastronomy has numerous festivals like his great Easter, declared of National Tourist Interest in Andalusia, due to the unevenness and narrow streets, some sheltered by rocks, other completamentes decks, make it special their steps for their streets and its old town, where you will enjoy the most of the Easter and architecture.


His other notable festivals is the Pilgrimage of San Isidro, and its fair which is held in August and San Sebastián their patterns and Virgen del Carmen, where they enjoy a procession and folk festivals in his honor.

Setenil keeps a special beauty that make their streets are the main attraction and caves houses taking advantage of the space and its urban fabric giving a tourist attraction, creating a spectacular mosaic, with different levels.

If you go to Setenil, visit the town from end to end, because you'll enjoy its unique architecture, where only Setenil you are getting, every corner is special in Setenil can find Castle Setenil, where you will enjoy a panoramic spectacular, the Castle has about 40 towers and about 530 meters from walls, was a super important municipality in which there were many clashes between Christians and Muslims, as it was a great point to control and to defend the attacks, had a great influence over many centuries.


You can also visit the Church of Our Lady of the Incarnation with its Moorish and Gothic style, composed of two churches, a Moorish and Gothic other.

You can find several hermitages like San Sebastian his employer, the del Carmen, San Benito, conception, caves houses in the old town, several bridges such as the Triana street or Ronda or the Villa, its different neighborhoods like Hospital, the Mirador, the Torreón among others ...


There are many places to see and enjoy some time to walk through its streets and enjoy its charms, I would like to teach every corner, showing the various monuments and festivals. you need to visit Setenil and see for your own eyes this great city, unique and special, which will enchant and Enamorar.

Remember if you visit Setenil or elsewhere, in can find small hotels to rest and recharge to continue visiting.

Manuel Arjona Moll greetings and see you in the next blog post and / or video :)

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