Rio Carnival, an unforgettable experience in Brazil

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If during the next few months you are making a pleasure trip, then think no more, find on our ticket cheap plane to Brazil and one of those charming hotels in Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo, and in any of these beautiful sights you can witness the biggest carnival in the world, the Brazilian Carnival.

Río Janeiro

But this time we want to talk specifically about the carnival that lives in Rio de Janeiro, which opens the door to local history, colorful parades and numerous colorful and bright caravans samba dancers moving to the rhythm of this dance so full of life and joy. It is an event that you must not miss for any reason if you want to make a pleasure trip.

Carnaval de Río

Rio Carnival typically takes four days where the party lives both day and night, is a time of year where the party lives throughout the city and you can listen to music and watch people celebrating even in the streets, leaving aside social classes, ages, gender, nationality and side, is the Carnival where all people of the world and of all ages are welcome to dance and celebrate this great celebration that has taken place even since ancient times.

Carnaval de Río

Be amazed by the best dancers in the samba schools most prestigious in Rio, marvel of those beautiful creative costumes, colorful and bright that make you feel in another world where happiness is the order of the day, also you will see the best cars allegorical you will be impressed by all the creativity and design that make them a work of art carnivals.

Carnaval de Río 1

Do not miss any details of this incredible carnival, buy your admission ticket and book your place in the stands so you can have a good position where you can witness the whole atmosphere and color from a comfortable place, ideal for carrying your family .

Río naturaleza

Also enjoy other tourist sites where you can go for a walk and enjoy this wonderful city, such as Copacabana Beach, a place that every tourist must visit as it is one of the most emblematic places of the site. If you want your fill of culture and knowledge of Rio, then you must visit the incredible Niterói Contemporary Art Museum, whose building will impress you with its magnificent futuristic structure as well as its full of stunning art pieces of content.

Río Janeiro

If you love nature, then you should not miss the Botanical Garden of Rio, which has more than 7,500 species of plants, witness the wonder of such a giant tree as a building, called the giant water lily, the largest tree the world and you can only see in this garden full of life and peace. So, do not wait, the Carnival of Rio and its surroundings can offer you those wonderful dream vacation you always wanted.

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