Peculiar and strange Restaurants

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We show some of the peculiar and strange restaurants that can be found throughout the world and of course, there are many more. Are you tired of conventional restaurants? For these convention there.

Beer Spa Restaurant (Prague)

restaurant beer spa

The list is headed this restaurant where your ideal combination begins with a session in the Finnish sauna, then go through the beer bath and conclude on a bed of oat straw. The whole treatment takes about two hours. It is said that after a baby sleep better and no hangover.

Eet-ha (Maldives)

restaurant eat-ha

It is located five meters below sea level in the Indian Ocean. This unique property that belongs to the Hilton hotel chain is the world's first underwater restaurant. The possibility of a 270 degree panoramic view exists in its modern facilities.

ans Le Noir (Paris / Barcelona)

Dans le Noir restaurant dining

A restaurant in Barcelona where its peculiarity is that everything comes completely dark. The reason is to appreciate other ways that are not obvious: the taste, smell and texture of the dishes.

Dinner in the Sky (Brussels, Belgium)

restaurant dinner-in-the-sky

They are eating suspended 50 meters from the surface, lifted by a crane. A very tempting idea, but sees the pocket because preparing a dinner for 8 people costs about 8000 €.

Restaurant Muru Pop Down (Finland)

restaurant Muru-pop-down

It is built on a limestone cave, customers eat at this restaurant at 80 meters deep.

The Marton (Taipei, China)

restaurant the Marton

This restaurant is like to eat from while doing your needs. The tables, chairs and plates are shaped the sinks and toilet and most food-shaped ... It's very unusual, yet popular in Taipei.

Nyotaimori (Japan)

restaurant nyotaimori

The name of this chain of Japanese restaurants means "submission to the body of a woman." And it is that, as the food is served on the naked body of a model.

Restaurant Coffin - Eternity (Poland)

restaurant coffin-eternity

This restaurant called Eternity, is the work of a funeral home in the city of Truskavets near the border with Poland. This is a restaurant shaped like a funeral box, where customers eat between boxes and funeral decorations.

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