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imagen Madeira
Madeira is a wonderful archipelago with subtropical climate and breathtaking scenery, because many call it the "Pearl of the Atlantic" or "Floating Garden". This European archipelago is located about 900 km from Portugal and 600 km off the Moroccan coast and consists of inhabited islands, Madeira (most of all) and Porto Santo, and small groups of uninhabited islands, the Desertas and the Savage.

Madeira has a variety of rare attractions besides its dramatic blue sky and sea and its imposing valleys and mountains where the flora is very diverse.

The island is famous for its wine, embroideries, exotic flowers, tropical fruits, striking scenery and its spectacular New Year's Eve fireworks, considered by the Guinness Book of world's largest.

He easily understand why the "paradise island" has become the coveted holiday destination in the "old continent".

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