Kyoto, home of the enigmatic and fantastic story of Japan

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If you're considering making a fantastic journey in one of the most interesting land as is Japan, then buy your ticket cheap tickets and do not miss the chance to spend to learn the history of ancient Japan in one of the cities most conserved across thousands of years in Kyoto.


Kyoto is one of the most important cities of Japan located in the center of the Kansai region, contrasting among the best known cities like Tokyo and Osaka where flourishes technology and the urban environment, in Kyoto will find the ancient and fantastic story what was Japan before being discovered, there you will see the imperial palaces, castles, temples and of course, the few but true Geishas and Meikos that have still survived through hundreds of years.

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Whether you find your cheap hotel in another city, you can visit Kyoto easy and practical thanks to its world-famous train service and railways virtually take you anywhere in Japan, so wherever you're staying, spend one day whole to visit and see the wonders of imperial Japan in Kyoto.
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Kyoto is a developed city, so do not worry about urban amenities, just enough to go a short way to find the old city, where you will surely meet a group of beautiful Geishas and Meikos elegant walking down the street of Gion, they they do not reject take some pictures with them as long as you approach with respect to these icons Kyoto also can visit tea houses where can be served by one of ellas.Tampoco you miss entering a theater deserve Kabuki , famous in Japan and the world with music and performances dating from the 1600s, you can look at the Minami-za theater that still retains this ancient Japanese art expression.

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Shrines, temples and castles are places you should never miss in Kyoto and are considered heritage of humanity, as the Nijo-jo Castle, beautiful and white dating back more than 200 years ago and where they lived governors . Equipped with moats, stone walls and special entrances, was a fortified to evade any enemy attack castle, however that does not detract beauty as it is filled with decorative details in its architecture, interior art and beautiful gardens that will leave impressed.

kyoto nijojo

The Daigo-ji temple or better known as the "Temple of Flowers" dating from the year 870 is at the foot of the mountain and has a spectacular garden with a lake, a bridge all surrounded by trees and stunning gardens that will make you feel in a different time and in another world only seen in films of samurais.

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Already in Kyoto, do not miss its tasty varied cuisine, among the most famous sushi, tempura, noodles and sukiyaki, all accompanied by rice wine or sake, or the famous green tea.

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