History and tradition to enjoy in Cadiz

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Cadiz is a city located in Andalusia in southern Spain, this is surrounded by sea so besides having beautiful beaches and cuisine, is also filled with a fantastic history related to important events in humanity that you must know to marvel.


Get cheap plane tickets is relatively easy, since it is an inexpensive and quite touristy site so you will always find an easy and affordable way to reach also you can stay in cheap hotels in beautiful old styles of the region or in the surrounding areas, it is very easy to get even with public transport.

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There are so many wonderful tourist destinations that you can visit and even being in Cadiz itself already does something fantastic, because you can immediately soak in the history and style of this ancient city that is very well preserved. Therefore, we recommend you visit the Tavira Tower at first, because there you can learn the history of Cadiz in this museum was once a watchtower, dating from 1778 and measuring 45 meters above sea level, there you can get a guided tour of its rooms that tell the story of the tower and how it operated at that time, you can also visit the Camera Obscura where you will see the most sophisticated technology at the time, you can also climb to the top of the Torre Tavira and practically see all Cadiz.

tavira tower

The Archaeological Gadir, is another impressive museum housing remains, ruins and evidences dating back to 3000 years ago, where you can witness real objects that were in that ancient time ago, all combined with the highest technology of augmented reality you will have a more enriching and interesting experience about the history of Muslim Spain, Egypt and more.

Gadir museum

Now that you know the historical value of Cadiz with these two emblematic museums of the place, you'll enjoy the beaches where you can stroll and enjoy the freshest and delicious sea food accompanied with wine or craft beers brewed right there in Cadiz. Also, do not miss a delicious dinner with the famous and traditional tapas, an economic saucer and you can find everywhere, especially in those bars-restaurants where you can enjoy live music and even numbers of true and original flamenco He was born here.

La Caleta beach

Do not go without traversing the Ruta del Barrio de la Viña, where you can meet those most beautiful and emblematic places in Cádiz such as Plaza Pinto, the Church of the Palm, the neighborhood of El Polulo, the Old Cathedral, Plaza San Martin and many more sites where you can enjoy its beautiful old architecture and stopping occasionally for a delicious coffee, eat tapas or fried sea accompanied with a delicious beer also buy souvenirs to let everyone know that you went to visit the beautiful Cadiz.

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