End of year in paradise

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Every year Christmas is coming and with it the holidays, gifts and family meals. These days we all love having a family.
But the New Year is something different. There is a multitude of plans that we can experience to see the year, with family, with friends or alone.
What if we take a fancy to clear the daily routine of work and everyday stress. A dream trip, did not you deserve ?. Look at any of these sites and search for your hotel and flight in our search engine.

End of Year in Punta Cana

isla mauricio

Dominican Republic is a unique place, with great beaches, beautiful scenery, with rich culture and cuisine that leaves no one indifferent. Within the island, Punta Cana is the perfect place to enjoy a New Year's Eve, for its excellent climate and for having many all inclusive resorts and hundreds of services and activities.

End of Year in Hawaii


In the middle of a group of peaceful paradise islands are erected, just five hour flight from the West Coast of the United States. Tradition, cuisine and culture very different from what we are accustomed. Explore each island, breathe its atmosphere, contemplated the splendid scenery and you'd never leave, you steal a piece of heart!

End of Year in Seychelles

islas Seychelles

The Seychelles Islands are located on the African continent and are perfect for nature lovers. An archipelago where you'll find a unique flora and fauna in the world. Only some of the islands are inhabited, so quiet and beautiful are insured. Imagine spending the New Year between turquoise waters, pristine beaches and beautiful landscapes, you will not believe it's winter !.

End of Year in Maldives

islas Maldivas

If you love the seabed, the Maldives will be the perfect paradise for you. Choose the resort that best suits your taste and budget and do not hesitate to get on plane to him, after watching from the air the charm of the islands. A unique experience that only live on this island. Did you ask for more?

End of Year in Mauritius

isla mauricio

Southwest of the Indian Ocean and Madagascar are very close to Mauritius, which is much more than an island surrounded by beautiful beaches. It is full of greenery and activities for all audiences, but also with eco-lodges that will not leave you indifferent. Visit it for several days and explore what lies behind the island.

End of year in the Philippines


It may seem a long journey to go to the Philippines but well worth. If you like diving, definitely the Philippines is a great place for you.
With more than seven thousand beaches around the country, no doubt you will find your dream place between its islands, virgin forests and white sand beaches.

End of Year in Canary


If you live in Spain or nearby and want a short but excellent trip, the Canary Islands offer you much more than a perfect place to stay microclimate that special date. You can choose the island that best suits what you're looking for: privacy, diving, family activities, active tourism ... In the Canary Islands you have it all!

End of Year in Belize


A destination located in Central America, between Guatemala and Mexico. With excellent beaches on the Caribbean Sea. Excellent choice if you are looking for a beautiful but also more intimate with less tourists to spend the New Year's Eve.
A perfect plan for snorkelers, since your bank reef is the largest in the world.

End of Year in Phi Phi Islands

islas Phi Phi

The Phi Phi Islands are located in Thailand and is a perfect place in December and January is no longer rains, not as hot as in summer and humidity is lower.
Excursions at sunrise along the banks of pristine beaches surrounded by rocky mountains and waters are perfect for you.

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