Buildings salt crystal, a wonder in Colombia

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Colombia is one of the South American countries most visited by tourists, especially in summer, because there can enjoy its warm climate, ideal to visit its bays, harbors, taste dishes from the sea, sunbathing and swimming in its beautiful beaches, plus many other attractions.


It is in the city of Zipaquira, located in the municipality of Colombia, where you'll find a high Catholic religious value between its history, inhabitants and colonial architecture contrasts with the modern. Here you will find a wide variety of cathedrals, parishes, and churches because most of its inhabitants are Catholic, so that reigns a very Christian atmosphere in the place.


One of its attractions is the Salt Cathedral, made in honor of its former commercial activity in the salt mines in pre-Columbian times. This shrine has been erected in an underground mine rich in salt. It is necessary to descend about 180 meters to access this cathedral, where you can find a cross of 16 meters high at the bottom of the altar, and its rocky walls with majestic illuminations of colors, makes it look like a religious experience where believers will find a place of peace and spirituality.

Catedral de la Sal

It should be mentioned that the Salt Cathedral is part of the Parque de la Sal. To access you must buy a ticket that includes admission to the cathedral with an explanatory film in 3D native culture. You can also marvel at the fantastic show of lights reflected in the rocky walls of salt and you'll have a guided tour around the park.

Parque de la Sal

After this exciting tour, you'll pass the square of the miner, a quiet place where you can sample food from restaurants and cafes are located within the park, so you will not have to wait to get out and walk a lot to find a site where to eat. The Parque de la Sal has everything for your comfort, including a place to park, an infirmary to provide first aid guides in English and Spanish every hour, numbers, and cultural and folkloric presentations, and much more so you have a fascinating experience without having to go elsewhere.

Parque de la Sal

As you can see, Zipaquira is a tourist destination for a great holiday, so expect no more come to Zipaquirá, where you can find wealth in their traditions and ancient culture, besides seeing these beautiful creations of modernity and technology making use of precious mineral salt Zipaquirá is making beautiful sculptures in a park with everything you need for an incredible and fun holiday.

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