An amazing place: Waterfalls of Luang Prabang

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These wonderful waterfalls found about 29 kilometers south of Luang Prabang in Laos, is one of the most beautiful natural landscapes that can see around the world.

catarata kuang si

They are the most popular and visited by tourists arriving in Luang Prabang site. This is three-tiered waterfalls, turquoise waters and surrounded by lush green vegetation forming a truly amazing visual and sound landscape.

paisaje kuang si

The falls begin in shallow ponds on a steep hillside. Then the water is conducted to the main fall: a cascade of 50 meters.

salto kuang si

Throughout the course of this river they are forming numerous ponds staggered turquoise, while the water flowing down.

The most famous waterfall named Kuang Si, but not the only one in the area, although the besieged city.

acceso a kuang si

To visit these falls have to pay local small admission fee, and once there find walkways and bridges to guide the visitor.

Most of these natural pools are open for use only by some it closed consider sacred.

We also found another waterfall almost as popular: Tad Sae. This waterfall is just as nice to Kuang Si, but is more difficult to access and therefore less crowded. It is further away from the city and a board section is required.

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