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Setenil, one of the most unique towns in the province of Cádiz

It is a municipality located northeast of Cadiz, Andalusia, near the Sierra de Grazalema and is part of the White Towns of Andalusia, by the municipality throug...

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Seville: is special, cradle of art , beautiful monuments and its people

Seville need to discuss several entries in the blog, because there is so much to tell, so many things to visit, landmarks, exquisite cuisine for food lo...

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Teotihuacán: Know the city of the ancient gods of Mexico

Teotihuacan was one of the most important and extensive pre-Hispanic cities in Mesoamerica, where lived the early civilizations of Mexico for thousands of years...

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Rio Carnival, an unforgettable experience in Brazil

If during the next few months you are making a pleasure trip, then think no more, find on our ticket cheap plane to Brazil and one of those charming hotels in R...

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Meet the ancient village of Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is an ancient Inca settlement that was built over 500 years ago, on a hill that joins two mountains south of Peru. This ancient city is located at ...

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Unforgettable adventures in Bariloche

Bariloche is located in Rio Black (Argentina), and is one of the most important tourist places of Argentina, due to its natural beauty and all activities that c...

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Buildings salt crystal, a wonder in Colombia

Colombia is one of the South American countries most visited by tourists, especially in summer, because there can enjoy its warm climate, ideal to visit its bay...

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Playa Escondida, a unique place in Mexico

If you come to visit Mexico, then you should not miss southern Nayarit, a beautiful place with beaches and resort towns full of colorful tropical, palm trees an...

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